Reducing our carbon footprint one grape at a time

  • Applewood Gin - all natural ingredients and organic
  • Bargemone - certified AB – France
  • Barham Mendelson Pinot Noir La La Panzi Estate - at the request of the Mendelsons, Jim Clendenen was asked to produce a wine from their sustainable Russian River property with the 5 same clones as his Le Bon Climat label (114, 115, 667, 777, and Pommard)
  • Canard Duchene P181 - vegan and organic
  • Keenan Winery - has gone completely solar since 2007 and is a leading advocate for the practice of sustainable farming
  • Oak Farm - Lodi sustainable
  • Okar Island bitters - all natural and organic
  • Unico Zelo - natural winemaking, organic and sustainable

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    • Susana Partida
      Founder and Proprietor
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